Customized Data Models

The core of Endgrate lies in common data models, which are standardized across all integrations.

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Standard Schema

Endgrate works with data in the way you want it. Interface with structured data across every integration.

Normalized Data

Endgrate's AI engine maps each third-party API format to your standardized data models.

Data moving into the cloud and being transformed


Design your own common data models using the JSON Schema standard, or use Endgrate's pre-built models.

           “properties”: {
                “first_name”: {
                    “type”: “string”

        // OR
            “endgrate_type”: “crm-contact”

Push, Pull, Sync

Endgrate makes data transfer effortless. Keep your product up-to-date with third party apps with real-time data flow.

Data syncing between devices

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