Full Configurability

Tailor Endgrate to your product's specific needs.

Two people configuring settings
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Complete Whitelabeling

Endgrate perfectly integrates your brand into our platform.


Completely customizable user-facing UX for any integration use case imaginable. Pick and choose which screens you want for your users.

Integration Provider Selection UI

Choose an Integration Provider

We'll automatically display relevant apps to your users.

Schema Selection UI

Pick Schemas

Complete with deeply integrated custom object support.

Resource Selection UI

Select Integrations

Integration settings won't be a problem.

Field Selection UI

Configure Fields

Let your users set up exactly what fields they want.

Statistics UI


Your users can view their transfer statistics.

Auxiliary Data

Full support for supplemental data fields and objects.

Passthrough Fields

Load in custom fields that aren't in your common data model.

Passthrough Schemas

Interact with custom objects that don't have a predefined data model.


Preserve and track resource relationships.

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