Case Study: Oomiji

by Endgrate Team 2023-07-13


Oomiji (Press Release)


Oomiji is a next-generation customer loyalty platform that combines the best components of market research, CRM, and email marketing. Oomiji helps businesses build custom personas and engage them based on segments such as perceptions, sentiment, emotions, motivations, and interests.


As the company scaled, one of the issues that they ran into was talking with potential prospects who were already using a CRM such as HubSpot, Salesforce, or Zoho, and needed to interact with their data within Oomiji.

Jon Stamell, Oomiji's Founder and CEO, explained how they initially approached integrations: "Our dev team... had some experience with building integrations, but not that much. So, they were looking at per integration a three to four week timeline and a significant expense that would go with each integration."

The Oomiji team needed integrations to close more deals, but they couldn't build them without bringing their product roadmap to a standstill and paying hefty developer costs. Jon was determined to find an easier way to do this, as it wasn't feasible to develop these integrations in-house.

When assessing options, Oomiji was focused on finding a solution that was not only stable and secure but also came with white-glove customer service. "One of the things that I think has been really important for us is customer service from Endgrate. You guys have been there whenever we have needed you. You've even participated in calls where we didn't understand some aspect of a technical solution that somebody was talking about with us, and you've participated in those, and that has helped enormously. Customer service is really really important. We do a lot of work in the wine industry, and so we wanted to have an integration with Wine Direct, and we couldn't have done that without you. We couldn't have even gotten them to go along with it without you... you guys were there to make it happen very quickly," Jon said.


Within a week, Endgrate's hands-on assistance with Oomiji's dev team resulted in successfully connecting with the Endgrate platform to enable integrations across any contact resource. With Endgrate, Oomiji saved years of developer time and money. Now, whenever new integrations are needed, it's as simple as turning it on in their Endgrate dashboard.

As Oomiji's customer needs expanded, Endgrate was there for them every step of the way - building custom integrations for WineDirect, SendGrid, Brevo, and others at no additional cost with turnaround times of less than a week.


Today, Oomiji is able to offer dozens of integrations as part of their product across CRMs, databases, marketing tools, and more. These integrations proved crucial in landing sales: "We just had a call the other day with someone that was using a different platform, and as soon as we showed them the integrations, that helped make the sale." As Oomiji gears up to raise another round, they've found their integrations were a huge win with investors: "We're out pitching investors to raise capital, and it's made a big difference with them to see all the integrations as well."

Oomiji knows they've found a lifelong partner with Endgrate for their integrations journey: "We're very happy with our relationship with Endgrate and look forward to it continuing."

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