Endgrate Product Update: 7/27/23

by Endgrate Team 2023-07-27

Hey there! 👋

We're back again with more product updates for the community.

New Integrations

  • Applied Epic
    • Create Clients
    • Get Clients
    • Get People
    • Get Policies
  • Intercom
    • Create Note
    • Create or Update Companies
    • Get Companies
    • Get Notes
  • VTiger
    • Create Records
    • Get Records
  • Typeform
    • Get Questions
  • Google Forms
    • Get Questions
  • Salesflare
    • Create or Update Accounts
    • Create or Update Contacts
    • Get Accounts
    • Get Contacts
  • Endear
    • Create Customers
    • Create Notes
    • Create Tasks
    • Get Customers
    • Get Notes
    • Get Tasks
  • Sage
    • Create or Update Contacts
    • Get Addresses
    • Get Contact Payments
    • Get Contact People
    • Get Contacts
    • Get Sales Invoices
  • Sendgrid
    • Send Emails
  • Teamwork CRM
    • Create or Update Companies
    • Create or Update Contacts
    • Get Contacts
    • Get Companies

New Features

We're so excited to release some long-awaited features for the Endgrate platform!

  • Custom setup pages for integration providers that need it.
  • A completely new and revamped blog, complete with search and indexing. We’ll be pushing out content covering integration insights and strategy.
  • New comparison articles.
  • New API review series.
  • Landing page changes.
  • Bug fixes and feature improvements.

Looking Forward…

More integrations: AMS360, Vendasta, more accounting integrations.

That's all for this week! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this email below.


The Endgrate Team

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