Unleashing the Power of AI: Exploring the Top Two Image Generators of 2023

by Endgrate Team 2023-07-13

AI image generators are impressive tools that take text prompts and convert them into stunning images, harnessing the power of AI and machine learning.

Among the multitude of available AI image generators, DALLE 2 and Midjourney have risen as the most promising. Let's dive deeper into what makes them the best picks of 2023.

DALLE 2: Simplicity and Affordability

OpenAI's DALLE 2 has earned recognition as one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective AI image generators on the market. Its strength lies in its simplicity, making it an excellent option for beginners who are first venturing into the realm of AI-powered image creation.

  • To generate an image with DALLE 2, users only need to input their desired prompt. The AI then quickly returns four unique image variations. While the images it produces may not be the most photorealistic, the user-friendly interface and affordability make it an excellent choice. DALLE 2 generously offers 50 free credits upon sign-up and an additional 15 free credits each month, with the possibility to purchase 115 more for $15. For those interested in API usage, it starts from $0.016 per image.

Midjourney: High Quality and Aesthetically Pleasing Results

In contrast to DALLE 2, Midjourney is celebrated for its aesthetic brilliance and the high-quality images it generates. It has a reputation for producing lifelike, naturally appealing images, especially for people and real-world objects. This has earned it a distinguished spot as the first AI image generator to win an art competition.

  • Midjourney's usage process might seem a bit unconventional since it is accessible exclusively via Discord. Users join the Midjourney Discord server or invite the Midjourney bot to their own server, enter their prompt, and then receive four variations of the desired image. The downside to this is that by default, images generated are posted publicly in Midjourney's Discord, potentially deterring those looking for more private usage.

  • While navigating Midjourney may require a slight learning curve, the high-quality output justifies the effort, especially for professionals seeking exceptional AI-generated images. Once mastered, the range of advanced features, including different model versions, upscaled images, and blended multiple images, lead to amazing results.

  • The pricing starts from $10/month for a Basic Plan that allows approximately 200 images/month with commercial usage rights. A free trial limits users to 0.4 hours of GPU time in total, or around 25 images.

Honorable Mention: DreamStudio by Stable Diffusion

While our top picks are DALLE 2 and Midjourney, it's worth mentioning DreamStudio by Stable Diffusion. This open-source AI image generator stands out for its extensive customization capabilities. The DreamStudio app allows control over several image generation aspects, including image size, prompt matching degree, diffusion model steps, and the number of images generated.

  • New users receive 100 free credits, which translates to about 500 images with default settings. Additional credits can be purchased starting at $10 for 1,000 credits.

The Bottom Line

When choosing an AI image generator, you need to consider the level of control and customization you require, the quality of the images, the ease of use, and pricing. For users prioritizing simplicity and affordability, DALLE 2 is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if high-quality, aesthetically pleasing images are a priority, Midjourney is a fantastic option. With these powerful AI tools at your disposal, the possibilities are endless.

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