Case Study: Somm Says

by Endgrate Team 2023-07-13


Somm Says


Somm Says is a consumer feedback analytics company focused on capturing customer data about wine tasting in a digital game format. It allows wine companies to expand their brand's reach, engage with customers, and capture value.


As the company grew, the biggest challenge for them was to make the right data accessible in the right format to the right people. Somm Says' users needed to be able to export the data about specific customer profiles, game analytics, and preferences to their desired CRM or marketing tool. "Traditionally, this would have been done through a portal where a member of our customer team would have to manually transfer data between the two platforms... this slowed things down and led to errors and enormous difficulty; it simply had to be automated," said Hunter Rudd, the CEO and Founder of Somm Says.

Hunter went on to elaborate: "For a startup like mine, it's simply not possible to build and address the number of different variables in architecture, looking at just the CRM landscape... I've encountered users using an Excel table, HubSpot, Microsoft... the challenge was really how do we achieve a measure of integration scale so that we can effectively address our clients needs in a timely manner."

When evaluating options, Somm Says wanted a stable, robust solution that would address client needs, but most importantly, a solution that would be able to dynamically adapt, adjust, and quickly roll out new integrations. "To come across a new client and accept their business knowing that we don't yet have integrations to their architecture... to turn those integrations on in a very quick timeline and an incredibly palatable cost was a critical requirement for us," said Hunter.


In less than 24 hours, Endgrate's hands-on development support allowed Somm Says to connect to the platform and immediately offer the entire integrations suite to their users. The worry of managing integrations quickly went away: "The biggest thing that I was concerned was, oh no how am I going to manage this... getting over that and seeing your team in action has helped me adopt a more optimistic perspective of the enterprise ecosystem."

With Endgrate, Somm Says users can now import their contacts list from over 100+ integrations including CRM or database, and send customer profiles and analytics directly into their favorite marketing tools.


Hunter said it perfectly: "As a business leader, managing integrations is not necessarily a core activity that I really want my business, let alone my team members, to focus on. We're in the business of providing exceptional wine-related and beverage-related experiences... partners like Endgrate help us focus and not worry about the emerging complexity in the environment around us... that really is, I believe, a competitive advantage."

Now, Endgrate has fundamentally changed the way Somm Says talks with new prospects. By demonstrating the seamless integration experience, Somm Says is able to "articulate and demonstrate our ability to be flexible, our ability to intelligently and reliably say we can adapt and we can address your challenges... it fundamentally changes the nature of the conversation."

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