Endgrate Product Update: 8/16/23

by Endgrate Team 2023-08-16

Hey there! 👋

Welcome to our first product update as Endgrate! We're really excited to release a ton of customer requested integrations, and big feature updates to our platform.

New Integrations

Sugar ISV
  • Sugar Sell (Endgrate is now an official ISV partner)
    • Get Records
    • Create Records
  • Cloze
    • Create or Update Contacts
    • Create Companies
    • Get Contacts
    • Get Companies
  • Google Analytics
    • Get Weekly Page Views
    • Get Analytics By Page
  • NetHunt
    • Get Records
    • Create Records
  • Pendo
    • Get Page Accounts
    • Get Page Parameters
    • Get Page Views
  • Shopify (Update)
    • Get Product Variants
    • Get Collections
  • Sage Accounting (Update)
    • Get Products
  • QuickBooks (Update)
    • Create or Update Orders
    • Create or Update Products
    • Get Orders
    • Get Products
  • Google Sheets (Update)
    • Dynamically get Sheet Names

New Features

We're so excited to release some long-awaited features for the Endgrate platform!

  • New and improved mapping UX:
    • UI improvements across the page.
    • Ability to specify custom mapping to fit any data field your users need.
    • Revamped AI mapping algorithm.
    • Hidden unmapped fields by default.
  • New properties for custom schemas:
    • The title of a field, if different from the field ID.
    • The description of a field, which will be passed into our AI mapping algorithm for better results.
  • Improvements for passthrough fields:
    • Ability to specify an empty schema and have all fields be passthrough.
    • Titles of passthrough fields are now surfaced in the returned schemas.
  • Raw data feature: option for your users to skip mapping on imports, and directly receive raw data returned by the integration.
  • Authentication and metadata override: ability for you to specify authentication and metadata to be set on behalf of your users for specific integrations.
  • Revamped rate limiting and infrastructure.
  • Bug fixes and feature improvements.

Looking Forward…

  • We'll be updating our documentation to reflect our new features.
  • More integrations: AMS 360, Advantive DDI, Pipeliner Sales, Twitter, Wealthbox.

That's all for this week! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a message.


The Endgrate Team

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