Endgrate Product Update: 9/1/23

by Endgrate Team 2023-09-01

Hey there! 👋

Long time to see! For our last product update of the summer, we wanted to go all-out on customer feature requests and new integrations.

New Integrations

  • Mode
    • Get Active User Count
  • WooCommerce
    • Get Customers
    • Get Orders
    • Get Product Categories
    • Get Product Variations
    • Get Products
  • Pipeliner CRM
    • Create or Update Companies
    • Create or Update Contacts
    • Get Companies
    • Get Contacts
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Send Chat Messages
  • Jira
    • Get Issues
  • Gmail
    • Send Messages
  • Asana
    • Get Tasks
  • Linear
    • Create or Update Issues
    • Get Issues
  • Sugar Market
    • Create Opportunities
    • Create or Update Accounts
    • Create or Update Contacts
    • Create Tasks
    • Get Accounts
    • Get Contacts
    • Get Opportunities
    • Get Tasks
  • Re:amaze
    • Create Contacts
    • Get Contacts
    • Get Conversations
    • Get Messages
  • Todoist
    • Create Tasks
    • Get Tasks
  • Apollo
    • Create or Update Companies
    • Create or Update Contacts
    • Get Contacts
    • Get Companies
  • Pendo (Update)
    • Custom Fields Support
  • Zoho (Update)
    • Custom Types Support
  • Shopify (Update)
    • Create or Update Products
    • Create or Update Custom Collections
    • Create or Update Product Variations
    • Get Products
    • Get Collections
    • Get Product Variations

New Features

We're so excited to release some long-awaited features for the Endgrate platform!

  • Polling sync: Endgrate can now continuously trigger transfers on your behalf for pulling in updated data from any integration on a set time interval.
  • Automapping: You can now completely skip the field mapping UX for your users, and let Endgrate's AI algorithm automap the fields from your schema to your users' selected integrations.
  • Reauthenticate session: after your users set up a session, we now include the ability to let them reauthenticate with new credentials.
  • Edit session: after your users set up a session, we now include the ability to let them edit the settings and field mapping.
  • Edit session success.
  • Delete session: after your users set up a session, we now include the ability to programmatically delete it, along with any associated data.
  • Session configuration details: after your users set up a session, you can now have the configuration details (such as what integration provider your user selected) sent to you via webhook, or you can query for the information via an API endpoint.
  • An all-new errors dashboard: integration errors are now comprehensively logged and analyzed on your behalf. We now report all integration errors, including authentication errors, upstream provider errors, field mapping errors, and more. Our infrastructure automatically analyzes errors as they appear and provides suggestions in your dashboard on how to resolve them. You can also handle errors by having them sent to a webhook of your choice, and query/filter for errors through an API endpoint.
  • Error page.
  • A complete overhaul of endgrate_type: standardization across all of our integrations to support any resource schema.
  • Prettified error pages: displayable errors for user-facing endpoints.
  • Pretty error page.
  • New documentation: read it here.
  • Updated Postman workspace: check it out here.
  • Revamped mapping algorithm and infrastructure.
  • Bug fixes and feature improvements.

Looking Forward…

  • Keep those feature requests coming! We appreciate all of the feedback.
  • More integrations: ATS providers, AMS 360, Advantive DDI, Fullstory, Mode, FTP integration, maintenance for existing integrations.

That's all for this week! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a message.


The Endgrate Team

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