Best Two Password Managers of 2023: Use One To Protect Your Digital Identity

by Endgrate Team 2023-07-13

Passwords are undoubtedly a weak link in our digital life. Many people fall into the trap of reusing easily forgettable and totally insecure passwords across multiple platforms. However, the most secure passwords are often those that are so intricate and lengthy that they are difficult to memorize, let alone type out correctly. That's where a password manager comes into play.

Even the most elaborate, unique passwords can fall into the wrong hands. That's why your safest bet is to have a unique, robust password for every online account. Sounds overwhelming, right? But not with an effective password manager that employs a single master password.

A password manager simplifies your life and protects your digital identity by generating unique, strong passwords that are far more secure than your usual go-tos. Effective password managers:

  • Automatically populate your passwords whenever you log in to your online accounts,

  • Receive data breach notifications, prompting you to change compromised passwords,

  • Detect weak passwords and provide suggestions to strengthen them,

  • Notify you about reused passwords across various accounts; and

  • Facilitate access to other security features like two-factor authentication, without the need for additional apps or your mobile phone at your fingertips.

While all password managers follow the same basic principle, they come in two types:

  1. Cloud storage password managers store your data in the cloud, providing the flexibility to use the same system across multiple devices, even those not owned by you; and

  2. Local file password managers store your data anywhere you prefer, adding an extra layer of security as hackers would require an additional step to access your passwords.

A good password manager creates complex passwords that:

  • Incorporate a variety of characters, not just letters

  • Avoid actual words and personal information

  • Apply multi-factor authentication for added security

There are many password managers out there, but the very best ones are:
  • Multi-platform friendly

  • Capable of generating secure passwords and 2FA codes and auto-filling them

  • Equipped with additional security features

  • Transparent about encryption and security protocols

  • User-friendly, reliable, and efficient

  • Offers a comprehensive suite of features, from credit card auto-filling to private document storage

  • Have both personal and business plans

With all of this in mind, here are our top two picks:
  • Bitwarden: Bitwarden, a popular password manager with several features that stand out, offers a generous free plan, making it the top free password manager available. It is open-source, meaning that the code is publicly available for scrutiny. This ensures continuous review by developers worldwide, which significantly contributes to its security. Bitwarden also supports self-hosting, a feature that allows organizations to host Bitwarden's infrastructure on their servers. This can be an advantage for organizations seeking more control and privacy. Furthermore, Bitwarden is available for most platforms and browsers, albeit with some minor usability quirks.

  • 1Password: 1Password is a top choice for many, providing a seamless experience across multiple devices. It has grown to cater to a multitude of platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and almost all browsers. What sets 1Password apart is its user-friendly interface, enabling people who aren't technically inclined to navigate online security. 1Password is known for its strong security measures and its 'Travel Mode' feature, which temporarily removes sensitive data from your devices. However, it doesn't provide the option for self-hosting or an open-source code, which limits user control and transparency. Moreover, it does not have a free option; 1Password is only accessible by users who pay an annual fee.


While other password managers including 1Password offer a strong suite of features and robust security, Bitwarden has the edge because of its open-source nature, the option for self-hosting, and its end-to-end encryption. This high level of transparency and control is why many consider Bitwarden the best available password manager. At the same time, 1Password is a fine option, particularly for those who appreciate a user-friendly interface.

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