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Endgrate is the fastest way to add
integrations into your product.

The Last Integration You'll Ever Need

One API for hundreds of third-party integrations.

Endgrate Handles Everything

Optimize Resources

Optimize your time and capital by outsourcing integrations and focusing on your core product.

Efficient Setup

With developer-friendly API endpoints, connect to our platform in less than a day.

Easy to Use

Take advantage of an intuitive integration experience for both you and your customers.

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We just had a call the other day with someone that was using a different platform, and as soon as we showed them the integrations, that helped make the sale.

Jon Stamell, Founder
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Managing integrations is not necessarily a core activity... Endgrate helps us focus and not worry about the emerging complexity in the environment around us... that really is, I believe, a competitive advantage.

Hunter Rudd, Founder

Connect in 3 Simple Steps


Specify what kind of data you are working with.

Define your own custom data model, or use one of our predefined models. Interface with normalized, standardized data across any integration.

Learn More about Common Models


Redirect your user to Endgrate's interface.

Your customer sets up the connection via a pop-up.

Authentication flow


Start triggering transfers - Endgrate takes care of the rest.

Pull, push, and keep interconnected data in sync.

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Versatility at Scale

Fully Customizable

Endgrate empowers any integration use case imaginable.

Explore Customization Options

Built for developers, by developers

Highly accessible API design, beautiful documentation, and convenient guides.

Developer Tools

Case Studies

Read the Case Studies for some of our success stories, and catch up with the latest Press Release. To see why we're the preferred choice for businesses aiming to accelerate their integrations roadmap, book a demo.


Custom White-labeling

Endgrate fully integrates your brand into our platform, customizing our interface for your customers.


Advanced Integrations

In addition to our hundreds of standard integrations, our Zapier integration allows your customers to send data to thousands of other apps, and our CSV integration lets them import or export files up to 1 GB in size.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Data Protection

We encrypt information at rest and in transit. Data is automatically expired through TTL mechanisms in place across our entire database.


We are built on robust, scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure capable of handling billions of requests.

Custom Configuration

Contact us and we will work closely with you to reach a solution that suits your needs.

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